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Admiral 40 foot Catamaran

The Admiral 40 Foot Catamaran

The Admiral 40 foot catamaran has evolved from the hugely popular and successful Admiral 38 and boasts substantially increased internal volume as well as convenient flat decks. Years of research and consultation with Admiral owners has led to the development of this world-class yacht.

The Admiral 40 foot catamaran is robust whilst retaining the distinctive lines and sailing characteristics that are unmistakably Admiral.

The Admiral 40 foot sports greater forward vision, wider hulls and increased headroom and guarantees the ultimately cruising and live-aboard experience. The luxurious interior seamlessly combines comfort and functionality, promising an unforgettable sailing adventure. We have recently make a long list of improvements to the 40 foot model which you can read about here

The Admiral 40 foot catamaran has received numerous excellent Reviews from leading international publications, delivery captains as well as owners.

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